What's the story, morning glory?

I love the Travel channel. And National Geographic. And these travel blogs. And these Instagram feeds. And any written/recorded/photographed piece of a foreign place, culture, human being. Don't we all?

Comfort zone exists. So does getting out of it. There are tons of ways to do it, but today is about travelling. About how 7 months ago I got up one morning  and decided to go abroad. Far away, to someplace where I would really push my limits to the fullest. A place that would allow me to get excited for being there, to get mad at tiny little things just because back home everything would go differently, to take lots of pictures and to give me great stories to write about and share with others. A place that would allow me to be scared and to challenge myself further, and where no one knows my name, not even how to pronounce it. A place that would keep me there long enough to discover its secret spots, get its special vibe, become a regular at neighborhood coffee shops and make lifetime friendships. And that would give me the so-called ganas de volver.

7 months later it came to me. An international internship opportunity, in online communication, supporting the national economy and entrepreneurship of Medellin and Colombia itself. Definitely an adventure. So for the next 6 months I'm willing to take the risk of wanting to stay. Oh, the joy, the butterflies and the mixed feelings! And yes, the long road there.

P.S.: packing up and heading off around the world is never as easy as it sounds but you can't deny the thrills that make it worth at least considering. I know I don't.