First week of Medellin delight

To all of you out there who told me that I will fall in love with this city the moment I get off the plane, thank you. You were right. It happened.

I know I may be easy to impress (yes, chocolate buys things these days), but not smiling (even secretly) when you hear the paisa accent, see colorful dressed people, hear joyful laughter and music all along the way is almost impossible. 
In one week I got the chance to meet some of the best people God had brought in my way so far (I left some pretty amazing people back at home too), from the ones that host me and housemates to coworkers and beyond. I got to understand the education system, politics and economics, class society, people’s needs and their constant wish of becoming better and better each day. Through creativity, optimism and hard work, some of the best ways possible if you ask me. 
I got lost in translation, in the crowds and on the way back home in my first day of work, because why not? Streets and traffic around here aren't helpful, to my defense. I got the chance to enjoy some of the best culinary experiences, and this week was just the beginning. Yes, I’m a foodie and I take pictures of what I eat. Chicken soups with potatoes, corn, diverse herbs and bananas are a pretty interesting affair, let me tell you. 

I got to enjoy sun, rain, pouring rain, wind, sun again. But with temperatures no lower than 13 degrees, considered pretty cold around here. It’s funny how I see people with jackets and pants on these temperatures, I’d like to invite them to Europe. It often rains, because Medellin es la ciudad de la eterna primavera and somehow I don’t think I’m gonna buy an umbrella. Pure, warm rain on a crowded, polluted and noisy city may be the perfect thing needed when ending up great days. And coming home looking like a skinny wet chicken, taking the hottest shower ever to finally find a delicious strong coffee next to your bed (yes, I’m blessed with kind people around me) is pure bliss
The night life, the salsa and merengue lessons (a lot more rhythms  to be practiced), spirits & Co. - tried and enjoyed. I go to bed on salsa, Shakira and Mark Anthony rhythms and I wake up at 5:30 in the morning on the same notes and with no alarm clock even though I have a manly sized cup of coffee almost each evening. Yes, after 7:00 PM, which used to overexcite and keep me up at nights back home. 
I'm surrounded by people who told me that Medellin is the best choice in the entire Colombia, from the Primary Secretary of the Colombian Embassy in Warsaw, to friends based across the world and online publications editors. 

I get to see the Andean mountains from almost every corner of the city. Not from my window, but I do get hyped each morning on my way to the office - Andeans are the first to see when I get out of the metro station. What a way to start the day, right? I didn't get the chance to go to Barranquilla's Carnival but I took a challenge of reading for the first time a book written in Spanish. By García Márquez, who else? Awaiting recommendations for that. 

Lessons to be learned, places to be seen, friendships to be tied. To be continued, that is. Because Medellin is really trying not to leave any space for ganas de volver. #madeforMedellin is happening (oh, and the campaign is still on for the next 3 days)! 

Cheers, awesome first week that went away too fast!