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You know how they say that when you travel alone you find out a lot of things about yourself? Well, it's true. Just when you thought you know yourself to the fullest, here comes life or destiny or whatever-it-is-that-you-believe-in showing you that your true North is actually in the opposite direction.

Two weeks and a half in Medellin and I realized that:
- I've been a scout for almost nothing - orientation is not for me. Putting me in one corner of the street and asking me to go to the opposite one is not gonna happen earlier than aprox. 2 hours; but that doesn't mean that I won't do it without walking around like I own the street.
- I need to learn more about football. Like a lot more;
- I will always have faith in humanity. And the Colombians show me that I should never stop;
- wearing a dress at 27 degrees in the pouring rain, while people around me wear pants, jackets and scarfs will always make me look like a weirdo. And people will always stare. No right to complain;
-  there's a new word on my list of those which make me burst into laughter every single time I hear them: flaquita. I can't blame the people who call me this way, I am skinny after all, but if they only knew about 'pisi'...
- the mountains will forever remain my first love in terms of nature (together with autumn);
- taking advantage of my 24 years of life and 43 kg by eating arequipe every single day will come back at me someday. Karma never sleeps.
- coffee makes everything better. And if it's already that way, it will make it even better. And I keep my promise of never underestimating the power of being awaken by the smell of coffee, no matter the hour.
- getting lost is a way of living. Time and energy consuming, but yet again, fulfilling.
- I can live with only using my phone for taking photos and not for anything else. Even when I get lost and need trustworthy directions. From friends or Google maps.
- there is life after dresses and purses. Taking the decision to stop from buying at least one every month is a very healthy one. It might take a while for your brain to get used to it, but your soul and wallet will thank you. Mine do.
-  the biggest guilt I discovered is wasting food. I somehow knew that back home too but never did something about it. So please, half meal for me, chef!
- new places means new faces, so trustworthiness gets another level. Upper in my case, even though a lot of you might advise me the opposite.
- the only place we should call 'home' is the one within our soul.
- the best decisions are the ones I make by following my heart. Like moving to a city recently known as the most dangerous in the entire world to see with my own eyes that Medellin and Colombia itself are not a prime time bad story.

Moving abroad is not always a vacation, but it is always a journey. And I think that what we must keep in mind is that no matter where we go, there we are. :)