On being a Colombian.

As the first question I got from friends and family when I arrived to Colombia was 'How are Colombians like?' I give you the proper definition:

Now, let's take it one by one:

'Man or woman born in a mystical land, where summer, fall, winter, and spring coexist in complete harmony.' - it's amazing how you leave a city wearing a dress and arrive to another with the urge to put on boots and a jacket. Colombia is not all sunny so if you're a rain and cold aficionado, you're just a bus ride away from it. I wouldn't say Colombia gets to have winter though, but maybe I'm just too used to the Romanian temperatures during this season...

'Formed in the middle of particular conditions that make you think they are insane (and they are), but with more spice, passion and happiness than most of the people you will know throughout your life.' - could not agree more. What does 'insane' means here? From jokes, love statements, extreme sports to community-changing ideas, bold projects or simply fun night-outs or travels, Colombians have it. You'll never get bored with them, there is always something to do, to say, to share. To experience.

'A little too noisy, a little too bubbly, a little too much.' - yes, yes and oh, yes. If you're an introvert, German or you simply love your personal space, you'll be quite challenged in Colombia. People here are positive, joyful and willing to help so they'll always ask you if you're ok when you don't smile, they will call you to take you out on a weekend even though you specifically told them you're staying in to work and they will definitely raise an eyebrow when you turn down an invitation to dance (there is no such thing as 'I don't dance/I'm tired/Maybe later' in Colombia). Not to mention how hard it is to be a girl here, if a guy has a crush on you, expect a lot of calls. And messages. And voice messages. And visits. This loses its creepiness once you find a common ground with them. And getting there is quite fun.

'Their particular, sometimes annoying habits always require the spotlight, but lucky for you if you ever get to bump into one of them, for if there is something that Colombians do better than anyone, is to spread the joy around.' - Colombians are basically a ray of sunshine in a dark room, there's no need to explain too much the joy they bring to the table, the smile they put on your face and the energy they give you. It's like taking a Zumba class (which in Colombia is even more energizing with all those salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton and any other latino moves included).

It's all sugar, spice, some more spice, and everything nice.