15 things I've never done before moving to Colombia

1. Travelled by a bus all filled up with Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus pictures. Outside and inside. On almost every window.

2. Ate smashed potatoes with rice in the same plate. Along with meat and pasta. I only gained 8 pounds in 10 months, envy me.

3. Heard a taxi driver talking to me all nice and softly while blocking the doors with no intention other than taking me home safely.

4. Seen in other people's houses. In Colombia, curtains are useless.

5. Ate mazamorra. That would be milk with maize. Never again.

7.  Seen such calm people at the metro station. SO slow. I seriously think they wake up at 6 and go for a morning walk at the metro.

8. Worn so. much. yellow. Nail polish, shirts, hats, flip-flops, even underwear. They ain't playing with the football religion around here!

9. Planned a whole trip to an amazing piece of heaven in the south of Colombia and then cancelled it because locals wouldn't "recommend it", to say the least. Colombia is safe generally, but there are some isolated places you shall avoid if you think you'd mind a cup of tea with the guerilla groups.

10. Broke the record of hearing between 3 and 4 times per day that I am skinny. Sweethearts, I have a mirror.

11. Used "no dar papaya" (trad. "don't give papaya") saying. Meaning keep your valuables close and your ass in a taxi if your skirt doesn't cover it enough.

12. Took a picture of the taxi's number and sent it to a friend, making sure the driver sees the whole thing. Yes, it is a popular safety measure around here, practiced especially by locals.

13. Listened to so much salsa. In literally every corner. Street carts, newspaper kiosks, bars, homes, you name it. Starting 6 am.

14. Decorated a Christmas tree on November 17. I did take off my Christmas tree in March last year back home though.

15. Waited for the handymen for 4 hours when they were supposed to arrive in 30 minutes.

List open, Colombia never ceases to surprise me.