A comprehensive guide to spending a damn lazy Monday

Shouldn't be so difficult, you might say. In fact, I think many people out there secretly (read loudly) long for yet another day of weekend delight. Well, guess what? It's not that difficult to get one in Colombia. Here, you get around 15 free days, and we're not talking about the annual holiday. Most of these days happen to be Mondays and if they're not, the universe makes it so. As in free Tuesday turns into a free Monday.

How does it feel? If during my first months here I would raise an eyebrow at my coworkers' happiness when they'd say 'see you on Tuesday!' while leaving the office on Friday, now I actually got used to it. It's been tough, it took me about 8 months (and I thought I'm an easy adapter), but now we're good. I still wake up at around 5-6 am (damn you, internal clock!), but at least I have more time ...to procrastinate. Here's a phrase I never thought I'd say.

Anyway, it starts - obviously - with coffee. A strong, black one, like you've never had before. Might wanna rethink the 'let's try something new' strategy in the supermarket though. Continues with some small errands so you won't feel TOO guilty by the end of the day. Until rains starts to fall, the Scooby-Doo-scenario kind of rain, creepy and noisy, with thunders and all. The kind of rain that puts you to bed with bad movies, so much ice cream, chocolate cakes and Coke that you're afraid to weigh yourself ever. Next thing you know, it's dark outside and you realize Tuesday's on the corner, watching you impatiently with a double to-do list and lots of bad coffee.

Oh, well, nice to catch up with you, no-working Monday. It's been fun.

Note: A free Monday is also a good day for playing with some HTML, might have noticed the different template of the blog. Patience, my sons, as I unravel the threads of free blogger templates. Bumpy ride with lots of spilled coffees, I'm telling you.