Winter holidays in Colombia

Well....MY winter holidays in Colombia, as they're obviously different from the others'. Starting with the number of days, 21 to be more specific. Aren't I a lucky intern?

Anyway, it's been 10 months on full speed, fast-forward and all. Each of them lovely of course, especially when checking off every objective by the end of the year. So time for whatever-it-is-that-is-not-work-related much needed. Definitely not going through that digital detox everyone's fancying these days, I prefer to keep the trends in my closet, among my clothes. I actually think I'll dive more into the social networks I'm on, a South-American Christmas has to be captured and shared, right? But until then, here's what life without work looks like for an intern in their first experience abroad.

So, as a tourist with responsibilities, I'm taking the chance to:

- Sleep in. Even when waking up at the usual 5 am. Pulling those curtains down and not caring about the life on the other side of the window. Just enjoying the moment until the old man on my street screams from the top of his lungs 'papayaaaa, aguacateee, mangooo'. Because oh, well, my fridge needs a refill. Over and over again.

- Be a tourist, a proper one. Like wandering around with a map in one hand and tons of shopping bags in the other, while everybody notices my lovely hat that I bought from a charming town during my first trip outside the city.

- Catch up with friends and family. Yay for the week days off, timezone is not that harsh anymore. Invitations to weddings from childhood bffs, all grown-up cousins becoming lawyers, moving along, having kids and all, kinda make me a bit sad I'm not there to share the joy in person. But hey, long live internet and cameras!

- Actually watch the TV I'm wiping the dust off every 2 days. Christmas classics, replays, even reggaeton music videos (can't help it, they're everywhere anytime!), you name it, I'll watch it. They're usually all doubled in Spanish, fact I deeply dislike, but let's just take it as another way to perfecting my Spanish. Todo bien, todo zen!

- Exercise. Yes, to friends' and my own happiness, I'll go running in the morning around my lovely neighborhood while the sun is actually up, still keeping the chilly breeze so typical to this city. Re-starting yoga sessions as well, got my very own mat! Cool and actually useful present I got myself this Christmas.

- Craft. Myes, didn't think I had it in me either. Turns out a Christmas tree made out of Christmas lights stuck to the wall is not rocket science after all. Neither crafting coasters. Ok, those actually require some research before, we don't wanna stick our fingers with weird smelly liquids. Rearranging bedroom feng-shui and starting the plan for a new coffee table makes you think you totally have it. DIY is the way, I'm tellin' ya!

- Not losing my holiday cheer, even though I miss snow like hell!! And my Romanian food and desserts and friends and joy. Yet Medellín is doing a pretty good job at getting you in the holidays mood for a city that lacks all that European-like Christmas season. Lights everywhere, on almost every balcony, street, park and shop, beautiful traditions and absolutely delicious food. Lots of it. Something tells me I should keep an eye on my weight this holidays season. That would be a first I do not agree with!

That being said, I'm off to my Christmas with a paisa family in a village close to Medellín. Christmas joy on!

Feliz Navidad, everyone!